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Terms & Conditions


Kapamilya Thank You (KTY) Program (the “Program”) is the customer loyalty program of ABS-CBN Corporation along with each of its affiliates and subsidiaries, as identified on the ABS-CBN website at thankyou.abs-cbn.com and updated from time to time, (collectively referred to as “ABS-CBN”) that expresses love and gratitude to its loyal Kapamilyas wherever in the world they may be. This program aims to thank them especially for their loyalty to ABS-CBN’s shows, stars, products and services.
Loyal Kapamilyas will receive Kapamilya Thank You Points for various reasons, including engaging in activities such as but not limited to watching ABS-CBN TV shows on TV, iWant, or TFC, participating in activities on our website, subscribing to SKY (including but not limited to Sky Cable, Sky Broadband, Sky Mobi, Sky Direct), TFC and using ABS-CBN TV Plus, ABS-CBNMobile, and other products and services (“Earning Transaction”).
Kapamilya Thank You Points can be used to obtain relevant gifts, rewards and exclusive privileges (“Redemption”) from ABS-CBN, as well as in exchange for products and services from ABS-CBN or third-party entities who have agreed to participate in the Program as redemption partners (“Redemption Partner/s”).
Redemptions can be used for exclusive gifts and privileges such as Meet and Greet a Kapamilya Star, tickets to ABS-CBN Studio tours and shows such as ASAP and Showtime, and free products and services such as KBO, PPV, SMS, Data, Calls, and many more.
These Terms and Conditions are void where and to the extent prohibited by law.


I hereby confirm and agree that:

1.1   By joining and participating in the Program, I represent and warrant that (i) I am eighteen (18) years old or older and have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence (if such age is older than 18), (ii) I have a Kapamilya Account (kapamilya-accounts.abs-cbn.com) through which I automatically became a member of the Program, and (iii) I use ABS-CBN products and/or services, whether for free or for a fee. No purchase or payment is necessary to join the Program.

1.2   My creation of a Kapamilya Account and participation in the Program shall constitute my acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and I agree that the same may be amended, modified and supplemented from time to time by ABS-CBN in its sole discretion and as posted on the Program website at thankyou.abs-cbn.com (the “Website”)

1.3   I will provide certain contact information and other personal information (such as my name, mailing address, e-mail address(es), telephone numbers, and my interests in particular products and services, the “Personal Information”) to ABS-CBN, and that additional Personal Information may be collected and used by ABS-CBN and its Redemption Partners to administer the Program.

1.3.1   I understand and agree that my Personal Information will be collected, used and disclosed as described in the ABS-CBN Privacy Policy that applies to me.

1.3.2   Supplementing that Privacy Policy, I understand and agree that ABS-CBN may collect, use and disclose Personal Information that I provide to Redemption Partners in administering the Program, and in recording and managing the Kapamilya Thank You Points that I accumulate and use.

1.4   I understand that I am obliged to update my Personal Information current, correct, and complete, by updating and reporting any change in Personal Information through the Website. Such updates will be accepted only through the Website, and verbal notification is not valid. ABS-CBN will not be liable for any inaccuracy in the information I submitted, or for miscommunications that may result from ABS-CBN’s use of such information.

1.5   My membership account (“Account”) is not transferrable to any other person.

1.6   My Account can either be active or inactive. My Account is considered “Active” when there is at least one (1) Earning Transaction or one (1) Redemption during a six (6) month period. At any time when more than 6 months has passed since the date on which I participated in the Program through either one (1) Earning Transaction or one (1) Redemption, my account will be considered “Inactive” and, to the extent permitted by law, all my available Kapamilya Thank You Points will expire as of that date. Should my membership become active again either by a new Earning Transaction or a new Redemption, I understand that the forfeited points will no longer be restored.

1.7   ABS-CBN reserves the right to review my Account at any time for my compliance with these Terms and Conditions without prior notice. The decision of ABS-CBN in connection with the administration of the Program shall be final.

1.8   My Account will terminate automatically and all rights and privileges void upon my death.

1.9   I am not prohibited from accessing the Program under all relevant laws; I neither reside in, receive or use ABS-CBN products/services in, nor am I a representative of the Government of, either Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria or the Crimean region of Ukraine; I am not a subject of US sanctions or of sanctions consistent with US laws imposed by the governments of the country where I am using or accessing the Program; I will use and access the Program for my personal use only and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations


2.1   I am eligible to earn Kapamilya Thank You Points after I have successfully created a Kapamilya Account. I understand that there is no retroactive crediting of Kapamilya Thank You Points

2.2   I can earn Kapamilya Thank You Points in any of the following ways:

2.2.1   By spending on an ABS-CBN product or service (e.g. subscriptions, service fee) (“Spend-Based” points);

2.2.2   By using an identified ABS-CBN product or service, whether for a fee or for free (e.g. an identified show, movie or event);

2.2.3   By doing a specific task or by meeting specific qualifications (e.g. (“Special” points), subject to successful enrollment and other requirements as provided in these Terms and Conditions and other rules, regulations, or guidelines that form an integral part hereof.

2.3   Guidelines, promotion offerings, and venues for earning Kapamilya Thank You Points will be posted on the Website and shall form an integral part of these Terms and Conditions. ABS-CBN and/or Program Redemption Partners reserve the right at all times to make any changes to any such rules/offerings in its sole discretion.

2.4   As permitted under the Program, my Kapamilya Thank You Points may be used for partial payment of ABS-CBN invoices. However, my Kapamilya Thank You Points cannot be exchanged for cash or be transferred or sold. They cannot be earned for Value Added Tax, other government charges and service charges. This does not prevent me, however, from gifting or transferring an item I redeemed, subject to the terms and conditions for the use of said item, as provided in the redemption catalogue of the Website. 

2.5    For Spend-Based points, these will be credited to my Kapamilya Account only after payment is received. If I made any advanced payment and I subsequently pre-terminate the respective ABS-CBN Account, the corresponding Kapamilya Thank You Points for the cancelled months will be debited from my Kapamilya Account.

2.6   ABS-CBN reserves the right to make adjustments on earned or accrued Kapamilya Thank You points as it sees fit including, but not limited to, deduction of points arising from returned goods or cancellation of services or from disputes, system or human error, or fraud on the part of the user/member, as permitted by applicable law.

2.7   It is my responsibility to keep transaction receipts, whenever applicable, relating to my Kapamilya Thank You Points. I understand that ABS-CBN may require verification information from me in the event of any need to clarify my Account status (initiated by me or by ABS-CBN), or to resolve a dispute.

2.8   The Kapamilya Gifts offered for redemption are subject to change at any time at ABS-CBN’s sole discretion. They are subject to availability, to the terms and conditions of the product/service sought to be redeemed, and may be subject to additional fees, taxes, shipping and handling fees at my own cost.

2.9   I understand that, subject to availability and other factors, I can use my Kapamilya Thank You Points to redeem Kapamilya Gifts which may be available in countries other than where I am located and from where I registered my Kapamilya Account.

2.10   In using the Kapamilya Thank You Points to redeem Kapamilya Gifts, those points reflected in ABS-CBN records shall be deemed correct, and, except for manifest errors (e.g. wrong computation, inconsistency in answers in words and figures), ABS-CBN shall have the exclusive right to determine the available amount of points to be awarded to or redeemed.

2.11   Redeemed rewards or privileges are not exchangeable for other rewards or privileges, or refundable, replaceable, or allowed to be sold or transferred for cash or credit, under any circumstances.

2.12   Rebates, when chosen from the redemption catalogue, shall not be transferrable. Rebates will only be applied to the user’s enrolled ABS-CBN Account.

2.13   By redeeming points for rewards or privileges, I release ABS-CBN and its Redemption Partners from any liability regarding the use and redemption of the Kapamilya Thank You Points and on the issuance and usage of said rewards or privileges. Kapamilya Thank You Points redeemed may not be changed, revoked, or cancelled.

2.14   ABS-CBN will bear no responsibility for resolving any disputes concerning any goods or services I receive as a Member.

2.15   Each individual Redemption Partner’s return and exchange policy will apply to any rewards or privileges issued to me under the Program by that Redemption Partner. As a Member, it is my responsibility to clarify and understand the application of ABS-CBN policies and each Redemption Partner’s own policies before redeeming Kapamilya Thank You Points. I agree to contact the Redemption Partner’s call center hotline or customer support, should I need assistance in connection with said reward or privilege.



3.1   I can enroll my ABS-CBN products and/or services accounts (“ABS-CBN Accounts”) to the Program to earn Kapamilya Thank You Points which are based on the amounts I spend for ABS-CBN products and services (“spend-based”).

3.2   I am responsible for the accuracy, completeness and currency of the information that I send or upload to the Program website in enrolling my ABS-CBN Accounts, such as but not limited to my first name, last name, subscriber account number, statements of account and official receipts.

3.3   The accounts of the following ABS-CBN products and services may be enrolled as follows:

ABS-CBN Product / Service

Unique Identifier to be Accepted for Account Enrollment


11-digit ABS-CBNmobile number


TVplus Box ID


Sky account number


Customer ID or IPTV Box MAC Address

TFC Direct-to-Home (or “DTH”, (available in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Morocco and Spain only)

View Card Number (or sometimes called Smart Card Number)

TFC via Satellite on DirecTV, Satellite on OSN, other participating Cable providers

Subscriber Account Number from 3rd party provider (self-declared, no validation since we do not have access to the customer database)

3.4   I understand that an ABS-CBN Account may only be enrolled once to a Kapamilya Account.

3.5   For TFC IPTV subscribers with more than one (1) IPTV box subscribed to his/her name, all IPTV boxes are enrolled to the Program once the subscriber enters the IPTV box MAC address of one (1) IPTV box.

3.6   For TFC Online subscribers, their TFC Online accounts are automatically enrolled to the Program upon creation of a Kapamilya Account.

3.7   For clarity, an individual may only have one (1) Kapamilya Account registered in the Program.

3.8   Use of an email address in an ABS-CBN account that is different from the email address used for the Kapamilya Account will not enroll said ABS-CBN account to the Kapamilya Account.

3.9   I may unenroll or delete ABS-CBN accounts enrolled to the Program. From the time an ABS-CBN account is unenrolled or deleted from the Program, I will no longer earn Kapamilya Thank You Points from said ABS-CBN account.



4.1   I understand for some ABS-CBN Accounts and for ABS-CBN services/products provided by a third-party (e.g. TFC subscription provided by a third-party cable provider that is included in the Program), I am required to request for a manual crediting of Kapamilya Thank You Points.

4.2   I understand that the process entails uploading of a billing statement or proof of payment in order to earn the Spend-Based Kapamilya Thank You Points corresponding to the payment I made, as shown in the billing statement or proof of payment that I uploaded. Further, I understand that I can use a billing statement or proof of payment only once for the purpose of earning Spend-Based Kapamilya Thank You Points.

4.3   I understand that I am fully responsible for uploading the correct and authentic billing statement or proof of billing, I confirm that I voluntarily uploaded the said document, and I agree that I am fully responsible for deleting, defacing, blocking or otherwise erasing any and all information on the document I uploaded which do not pertain to the subscriber name, subscriber account and amount paid for the subscription or other information requested to prove proper crediting of Kapamilya Thank You Points.  I hold ABS-CBN free and harmless from all claims, liabilities and/or damages arising from and in connection with my having uploaded the same.

4.4   I understand that my full name in the billing statement or proof of payment that I will upload on the Website should match the full name I indicated in my Kapamilya Account, in order to earn Kapamilya Thank You Points.



5.1   It is a breach of these Terms and Conditions to: (i) abuse any rewards, privileges, facilities, services or arrangements accorded to me as a result of my membership in the Program; (ii) act in any fraudulent manner or in any way which is likely to be detrimental to the interest of ABS-CBN, or the Program or any Redemption Partner; (iii) supply or attempt to supply incorrect or misleading information, or make any misrepresentation to ABS-CBN, the Program, or any Redemption Partner; or (iv) act in any way, which in ABS-CBN’s reasonable opinion, will have a detrimental effect on ABS-CBN, the Program or any Redemption Partners, or breaches or is likely to breach these Terms and Conditions. ABS-CBN’s decision as to what constitutes a breach shall be final and conclusive.

5.2   Any breach of these Terms and Conditions whether intentional or otherwise may result in termination of my Account, forfeiture of issued Kapamilya Thank You Points, and cancellation of rewards or privileges, at the sole discretion of ABS-CBN, unless prohibited by law. I may also become ineligible for future or further participation in the Program.

5.3   As a Member, I may terminate my Account by communicating this intention in writing to ABS-CBN through the Website or by e-mail addressed to (click here for the contact details).

5.4   In the event of termination of my Account, either by ABS-CBN or by me, all Kapamilya Thank You Points, rewards or privileges that I may have earned or accrued will also be terminated and forfeited, to the extent permitted by law, and such points, rewards or privileges may not be sold, assigned or transferred or otherwise redeemed by me to any other person. ABS-CBN and its Redemption Partners shall in no way be liable for any Kapamilya Thank You Points, rewards or privileges in the event that my Account is terminated.

5.5   On the other hand, I can choose to deactivate my Account through the My Transactions History page on the KTY Website. In deactivating my Account, I cannot engage in any activity on my Account until I reactivate it by through the My Transactions History page on the KTY Website. While my Account is deactivated, I cannot earn Kapamilya Thank You Points and/or redeem Kapamilya Gifts. My existing Kapamilya Thank You Points are subject to expiration as provided under Section 1.6 hereof from my last Earning Transaction or Redemption.



6.1   I understand that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event will ABS-CBN be liable to me or to any third-party for any indirect, special, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages (including for loss of profits, revenue, or data) or for the cost of obtaining substitute products or services arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions or the Program, however caused, whether such liability arises from any claim based upon contract, warranty, tort (including negligence), strict liability or otherwise, and whether or not ABS-CBN has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
I understand that, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, ABS-CBN’s total cumulative liability to me or any third-party under these Terms and Conditions, from all causes of action and all theories of liability, will be limited to and will not exceed the amounts you have actually paid ABS-CBN in connection with the Program during the twelve (12) months preceding the claim giving rise to such liability.

6.2   I acknowledge and agree that ABS-CBN has not made and is not in any manner responsible or liable for any warranty, representation, or guarantee, statutory, express or implied (including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability, title, and fitness for a particular purpose), in fact or in law, relative to the Program. I understand that, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, ABS-CBN does not make any express or implied warranties or representations with respect to thankyou.abs-cbn.com and ABS-CBN shall not be liable for the consequences of any interruptions or errors related thereto.

6.3   I agree to indemnify and hold harmless ABS-CBN from and against any and all claims, costs, proceedings, demands, losses, damages, and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees and legal costs) of any kind or nature, arising from or relating to, any actual or alleged breach of these Terms and Conditions by me or anyone using my Account. If ABS-CBN assumes the defense of such a matter, I will reasonably cooperate with ABS-CBN in such defense.

6.4   ABS-CBN reserves the right, at any time, to amend, modify or supplement any of these Terms and Conditions, or to terminate any (or all) of the Programs mentioned herein, by posting the amended terms on the Website. My continued use of this Website after the effective date of any amendments to these Terms and Conditions constitutes my agreement to comply with and be bound by such amendments, including but not limited to the charges associated with the use of the Website, if any. ABS-CBN will use reasonable endeavors to give notice of material amendments to these Terms and Conditions where practicable. I agree to check these Terms and Conditions periodically, so that I will be familiar with their content as may be amended from time to time.

6.5   ABS-CBN reserves the right to extend, renew and terminate the Program in its entirety, or any part thereof, or in some territories/countries only, at any time with or without notice. ABS-CBN shall not be liable for any loss of value or benefits that may arise as a result of any changes made to the Program. ABS-CBN will use reasonable endeavors to give notice of the termination of and any material changes to the Program where practicable.

6.6   Under no circumstances will ABS-CBN be held liable for any delay or failure in performance due in whole or in part to any acts of nature or other causes beyond our reasonable control.

6.7   ABS-CBN may assign or subcontract its obligations under these Terms and Conditions, in favor of any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, sub-contractors or appointed agents. ABS-CBN shall not be responsible for any delay in the performance or non-performance of its sub-contractors and/or agents due to causes beyond its reasonable control.

6.8   I understand that the Website may show advertisements and communications from ABS-CBN, its subsidiaries and affiliates, or third parties, which shall in no way constitute a binding offer but as an invitation to purchase products or services.

6.9   I also understand that the Website may provide links to other internet sites. I agree and acknowledge that to the extent permitted by law, ABS-CBN will not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused by your use of any content, goods or services available in other internet sites. No guarantee or warranty, implied or express, is offered by ABS-CBN or its affiliates as to any goods or services provided by its advertisers.

6.10   Any communication sent to me will be considered as delivered, when posted to a mailing address or sent to my email address or contact number on record. ABS-CBN will not be responsible for any delayed, misdirected or lost mail or email.

6.11   No forbearance, delay or failure on ABS-CBN’s part to exercise any power or right under these Terms and Conditions shall operate as a waiver of such power or right, nor shall any single or partial exercise of such power or right preclude any further exercise of that or any power or right. All information about the Program (on the Website and otherwise) provided by ABS-CBN is current at the time of publication and are subject to change.

6.12   For information about your Account or to update your Account information, visit thankyou.abs-cbn.com.

6.13   The Terms and Conditions of this Program shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Philippine laws.