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How do I receive points from my cable/satellite subscription with TFC channel?

Because you are subscribed to a participating cable or satellite partner with a TFC channel as an add-on, it means that we do not have direct access to your subscription records and we cannot automatically reward your subscription with Kapamilya Thank You points. But don’t worry, Kapamilya! You can still earn points by submitting a request for manual crediting of points.

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    Go to the Receive Points page

    Go to thankyou.abs-cbn.com/receive-points. Make sure you’re logged in and have a cable/satellite account added to your Kapamilya Account.

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    Fill out the form


    1. Select the Account Number from the dropdown.
    2. You may leave “Reference Number” blank.
    3. Enter the statement date of your subscription’s Statement of Account (SOA) or billing document.

    For OSN subscribers, please see the article on How do I receive points from my subscription to OSN with TFC?

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    Upload a photo of your statement of account that clearly shows the following information:

    1. Cable/satellite partner – should be the same as the cable/satellite partner you specified above
    2. Subscriber name – should be the same as your Kapamilya Account name
    3. Subscriber account number – should be the same as the subscriber account number you selected above
    4. Statement date – should be the same as the statement date you specified above
    5. TFC package subscribed to with the amount paid
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    Submit your request.

    Upon submission of your request, please allow us five (5) working days to process your request. We will notify you via email on the status of your request.

    Note: Feel free to block out any other information on the uploaded document that are irrelevant to the request or you don’t wish to share. By uploading the document, you are giving ABS-CBN the right to have access to any information visible on the uploaded document. Our customer service representatives may also contact you should they need clarifications or additional information to process your request.